Judge of Andhra Pradesh High Court, Justice N.V. Ramana has advised the students to give back to the society which has shaped them and invested its hope in them.

Addressing students at the first convocation of Vignan University held on Saturday, Justice Ramana said that the society was looking at the students with a fervent hope that they would lend a helping hand and look at the nation which has invested all its hope in them.

Urging the students to play a role in revamping the educational system in the country, he said that only then, the students could have a clear outlook to their careers, and along with education, have social consciousness and leadership qualities for leading the country.

“You should not only think about your future, but you should also think about the future of the nation. The hope of the entire nation rests on youth like you,’’ Justice Ramana said.

Quoting Khalil Gibran, the Persian philosopher, Justice Ramana asked the students to have a definite goal, a burning desire, tight planning and consistency in persuasion to be successful in life. Reminding the students he had come from an agricultural family, Justice Ramana said that he had reached the level by practicing the principles taught by Gibran.

To be successful in life, one has to work hard and there was no short cut to success, he said.

Calling upon the educational institutions to train students and prepare them to participate in nation building, he said that nation building should be the core aim of the institutions.

Earlier, Chairman of Vignan Group, Lavu Rathiah said that students were being sensitised to the problems of the society through local community outreach programmes.

Chancellor K. Rammurthy Naidu, Vice-Chancellor M.S.C Bose and Registrar A. Leela Mohan Rao were present.