Every year during the monsoon when the roads take a beating, GHMC's annual maintenance comes under flak. Close to Rs.80 crore is spent on laying fresh bitumen on different roads of the capital but senior officials admit that to make the roads long lasting, mere carpeting is not enough.

Scrapping the existing bitumen layers, laying proper table drains, ducts for cables and disallowing road cutting would help build better motorable roads.

Bold step

The GHMC, which has shied away from taking up the tougher route on road maintenance, seems to have at last decided to bite the bullet. It has engaged a private consultant to do a road inventory of the existing 690 km length under its jurisdiction. Its report has shown that at several places the buildings have gone a few feet below the road due to repeated carpeting.

Other than providing details of the existing road framework including that of cement roads, the agency has suggested that 390 km of dense traffic corridors be affixed as ‘priority' thoroughfares needing total revamp. Since it is not possible to do such a mammoth work in one go, it has been decided to take up work on 150 km.

Before that the civic body wanted to go in for more detailing and entrusted yet another study to another consultant to examine the current and projected traffic flows round the clock for the next two decades. The report to be submitted soon would provide sufficient information for the engineering wing to build more durable roads, claim senior officials.

Meanwhile, Commissioner M.T. Krishna Babu has asked the wing to see that tenders for road works are issued for bigger stretches circle-wise so that standard quality works can be done. What is happening is tenders are being floated for a particular stretch where one side comes under one particular municipal circle's jurisdiction and other side comes in a different circle. As this was affecting the quality, he mooted the work to be entrusted for a big stretch to a contractor under the circle which includes carpeting, maintenance and footpaths.