HYDERABAD: There are smiling faces in GHMC these days. If property tax collection of Rs. 322.32 crore for 2007-08 is a definite high, it has also managed to mop up other resources to take the total revenue to Rs. 925 crore.

These are tax collected from transfer of immovable properties, entertainment tax, profession tax, compensation in lieu of motor vehicle tax, and so on; coming under the assigned revenues has generated Rs. 305 crore.

Under the fees and user charges like trade licences, advertisement fees, building permit fees, betterment charges; it has received up to Rs. 170 crore. Money from cost of tender schedules and rents from markets has generated Rs. 12 crore, Rs. 28 crore was obtained as revenue grants for road maintenance and elections and about Rs. 85 crore income from bank deposits and interest payments.

Other than these, assigned revenues come from Government departments. GHMC was able to get Rs. 2.6 crore from APSRTC, Rs. 4.6 crore from CPDCL and Rs. 19.17 crore from Government buildings this year as part of property tax collection.

Credible work

Quite a credible work considering various issues GHMC had to contend with over the last year including teething problems that arose when it was formed, amalgamating the 12 surrounding municipalities into MCH, photo electoral rolls exercise and notification and re-notification of new area based system of assessment for commercial properties which went on till as late as February-March.

“We did a 90 per cent collection from the actual demand of Rs. 359 crore for 10.45 lakh households. The penal interest waiver announced by the Government has actually helped more arrears to come into our kitty,” says, a much relieved Additional Commissioner (Finance), B. Ramesh Babu who took charge less than six months ago.

He had to keep the revenue flow even when Central Government offices refused to pay. While ex-MCH area delivered about Rs. 200 crore without showing, major rise from last year, collections from suburbs was better as tax compliance is better because of new settlements, officials said.

Planning ahead

Mr. Babu has already started planning for the year ahead with the intention to send demand notices (bills) by June itself. Third party verification of un-assessed properties, removing disparity in assessments, streamlining collection from commercial and unregistered properties, more collection centres are among the measures being planned.