A few poets are coming together to promote the cause of ‘ethical voting’ for ensuring free and fair election this time.

They are organising a ‘kavi sammelan’ (poets’ conference) at Town Hall here on April 26 to which invitation has been sent to noted and budding poets in the city.

Strong message

Their watchword this time has been that the people should be very careful about casting their vote without succumbing to the inducements of cash and liquor. They have come up with strong message like this one. “ Votu kalam kadidi, notu kalam, vennupotu kalam ” (This is no time for vote but the one for currency note and a time for backstabbing).

Stating that this is part of the campaign for fair election, Red Cross Blood Bank coordinator Dr. Eeduru Sudhakar said that they would get some satisfaction even if the attempt would leave a little impact on the people.

Kavi sammelan on April 26

in Nellore to promote ‘ethical voting’