Staff Reporter

TIRUMALA: The sacred garlands of Goddess Andal of Srivilliputtur in Tamil Nadu reached the Tirumala temples on Thursday. The temple priests and the TTD Executive officer IYR Krishna Rao received the garlands with temple honours and took it out in a grand procession in the four mada streets encircling the holy shrine.

The garlands will adorn the Lord on Friday on the eve of the auspicious Garuda Seva festival.

Earlier in the morning several thousands of devotees participated in the procession of the auspicious golden ‘Kalpa Vriksha vahanam’.

The processional deity of Lord Malayappa was flanked with his two divine consorts on either side.

The inflow in the pilgrim crowd which was comparitively low till yesterday began swelling as the day progressed.

Later in the night the processional deities were again taken around in a grand procession mounted atop the ‘Sarva Bhoopala Vahanam’ along with the customary temple paraphernalia.

On the other hand for the consecutive day the temple ‘Hundi’ recorded a staggering income of over Rs. one crore. The total Hundi collection was put at Rs.1.07 crore.

The income derived from the rent of cottages and guest houses and sale of laddus is put over Rs.12 lakhs. According to the available statistics nearly 72,000 pilgrims availed the free meals facility being extended by the temple management.