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One robber caught along with stolen 1.7 lakh

Gang enters the bank branch in the guise of customers

Lift bundles of currency notes kept aside after counting

ANANTAPUR: A five-member gang from Tamil Nadu attempted a robbery in the Andhra Bank branch at Hindupur in the on Tuesday. But one of the gang members was caught by the alert people along with Rs. 1.7 lakh cash stolen from the bank. Others succeeded in escaping.

According to the police and the information reaching here, a neatly dressed five member gang entered the bank branch located in Kamsalipet area on the main road in the guise of customers and went inside the working area with a request that they were need of demand draft for a huge sum for Pune. They allegedly went near the receipts (cash) counter, where an office assistant, a woman, was counting the cash and making them into bundles, when the bank employee in the counter had just gone away from his seat.

By engaging the woman counting the cash in a talk one of the gang members lifted a few bundles of currency notes, being kept aside after counting and started running out of the bank. Realising that a miscreant had committed theft a woman field officer sitting beside the receipts counter raised alarm shouting for catching the person running away with the cash. Hearing the shouts Vali and Kanna, two persons in the tailoring shop situated below the bank branch immediately started chasing the thief. They succeeded in catching the thief along with the cash after a good chase.

They caught the thief in a nearby temple premises and handed him over to the police.