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Post-graduate and graduate students welcome newcomers in style

VIJAYAWADA: The air was filled with excitement and the place was abuzz with activity. Dressed to kill, girls portrayed a combination of rich glamour and subdued elegance in trendy designs and bright colours, while the variant patterns and funky prints of the boys added a touch of ultra-modern style.

The high-decibel music in the hall was in perfect sync with the soaring moods of the young crowds that went ecstatic whenever there was a performance by one of their peers. Monday was a special day for post-graduate and degree students of Nalanda College in the city, who decided to welcome the freshers into the institution's fold in style. Students sang, danced and made merry together not just to celebrate a lasting bond but also to make the newcomers feel at home.

Musical bonanza

Refusing to take note of the lost yesterdays and unborn tomorrows, the youngsters were eager to seize the magic of the moment and capture it for eternity. The air of festivity that enveloped Sri Venkateswara Swamy Kalyana Mandapam on the National Highway near Benz Circle was infectious. There was so much to enjoy and time flew like never before.

Assistant commissioner of police (crime) S.M. Vali enlivened the hall with a dash of humour that marked the commencement of a musical bonanza. Young hearts fluttered and spirits rose high when boys and girls gyrated to peppy Telugu and Hindi film songs. Participants broke into a jig at the drop of a hat while mimicry and solo songs provided intermittent relief.

Item numbers such as `dhoom macha le' (title song from the film `Bangaaram'), `Rainbow Remo' from Aparichitudu, `Kaliyon ka chaman' and `akkad-bakkad Bambai-bo' by a group of enthusiastic girls had the audience asking for more.

Solo artists performing to a blend of songs was a common feature. A fashion show by `rookie' ramp-walkers was amusing, but the effort was worth appreciation. A boy had the crowds in splits by mimicking Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy and Chandrababu Naidu, vying with each other to sell tea in a railway station.

The boys and girls, clapped their hands, tapped their feet and swayed to the music, demonstrating the power of true entertainment.