The Fresh Cadaver Skills Laboratory was inaugurated at the Department of Anatomy of Andhra Medical College by AMC Principal G. Bhagya Rao here on Thursday.

This is a facility providing fresh frozen human parts for research and hands-on surgical exposure, basic surgical anatomy, key-hold surgery and cadaver studies for students of anatomy and orthopaedics departments.

This facility is in vogue in foreign countries and only at three or four centres in India so far. Earlier the body parts were kept in chemical solution resulting in them becoming dark and lacking some finer details, said a consultant orthopaedic surgeon and a former student of AMC A. Harikrishna, who provided the facility who spent around Rs. 1 lakh towards the ice-lined freezer where in the temperature is maintained at minus 20 degrees Centigrade, the UPS and some equipment. Senior doctors E. Pedaveerraju, HoD of Anatomy D. Asha Latha, a senior professor of orthopaedics D. Lakshmana Rao and several other doctors were present.