Stringent rules needed

The Election Commission should come up with more stringent rules regarding election campaign. TDP’s promise to give TVs to every poor is bit shocking. What will those people do with TV sets? I think they can only see MLAs fighting in the Assembly. Media should play an important role in enlightening people about casting their votes for a good party.

Shankar Karlapalem

Shun inertia and vote

In all elections, the average percentage of polling is around 65. If the remaining 35 percent of electorate cast their vote, perhaps the desired change might usher in. Let these absentees now shun their inertia and exercise their franchiseat least this time .

M. M. Rao,

Retired employee

Don’t get carried away by glamour

Voters should exercise their franchise without giving importance to people of glamour world. We need leaders who are experienced. Even for a small job, experienced people are chosen then why not for a post of State’s leader?


Live debates on development

We need healthy politics in which leaders should understand that poverty is not something related to caste, creed and religion. We should have a system in which there are live debates between potential candidates at constituency level to discuss about problems and solutions along with their vision about development. This will give better scope for the voter to understand merits and demerits of candidates before voting.