Staff Reporter

Three are for women, one for SCs

HYDERABAD: It has been officially notified now that half the number of wards of the proposed eight in the Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) would be reserved. Three of the wards would be for women exclusively and another for the Scheduled Castes. The Draft Cantonment Electoral Rules of 2007 released by the Central Government few days ago replacing the Cantonment Electoral Rules of 1945, has clearly stated that one-third of the total number of seats to be filled in an ordinary election in every cantonment shall be reserved for women.

Seats reserved under this section would be effective for five years or till the next ordinary election. The quota for women's wards would be selected through a draw of lots. SCB Chief Executive Officer V. Premchand said that a 60-day limit had been given for receiving objections or suggestions to the new draft electoral rules before the gazette notification by the Central Government comes through.