Staff Reporter

GUNTUR: Two groups of Sunni Jamaat clashed over the particular way of offering namaz at a controversial structure in the Old Guntur area on Sunday night and four persons were injured, while the majority group allegedly damaged the structure.

Tabli Jamaat is the dominant group in Guntur and ever since the minority Jamiat Ahle Hadees group purchased a piece of land in 2001 for the Masjid (as the group claims) there has been dispute over reading namaz.

On Sunday night during the `Ishah Namaaz' some persons of Tabli Jamat allegedly pulled out about 12 Ahle Hadees members while they were offering namaz and damaged the temporary shed. The majority group called it Islamia Library, while the minority group calls it a masjid.

At a press conference on Monday, Mohammadia Masjid Ahle Hadees president Md. Faizulah Baig said the matter should be resolved in the presence of some Ulemas and the Tablis had no right to stop them from following their way of performing namaz.

Police swing into action

Deputy Superintendent of Police M. Ravindrababu said the clashes continued till late in the night and the minority group members were protected by keeping them in the police station. The police had posted a picket and the situation is under control now.