What a joy would it be to have a classroom filled with organised, eager-to-learn, and overly obedient students, who can’t wait to get started. But the true classroom is a hodgepodge of faces; some eager to learn, some wanting to learn but struggling, some who find it impossible to stay seated for more than five minutes and some just watching the clock!

To meet the academic needs of all the students in the classroom, the Krishna District Education Department has designed a novel strategy to help them overcome obstacles and pass their SSC examination in flying colours.

The Samaikyandhra agitation that saw closure of educational institutions for a prolonged period resulted in loss of valuable time.

It had robbed students of the holidays in the aftermath of the protest. “We have so far compensated for 33 days by conducting extra classes on Sundays and other holidays,” says District Education Officer D. Devanand Reddy.

Schools are now focussed on preparing students for the crucial public examination through different programmes such as ‘Mundu Chupu’, ‘Impact’ and SABAS (Special Attention for Below Average Students).

‘Mundu Chupu’ is an exclusive matter prepared in the form of a booklet and distributed to students in summer holidays to familiarise themselves with their lessons.

Intelligent students (those gaining above 90 per cent marks) are identified under the ‘Impact’ category and given special coaching. Slow learners comprise SABAS group and those falling in-between (students who pass their examination) are identified as non-SABAS category.

“Of the nearly 53,000 students who will write the public examination, only 300 students form the ‘Impact’ group, 8,000 come under SABAS, and a major chunk, almost 45,000, comprise the non-SABAS category,” says Mr. Reddy.

A separate format has been given to the heads of schools and the Deputy Education Officer will monitor the effective implementation of the programmes.

“The challenge for teachers is to reduce the number of non-SABAS and enhance the learning ability of the students in SABAS category to that of non-SABAS group,” says Mr. Reddy. Last year, Krishna district moved its position from 12th to 10th place in SSC results. “This year, we want to further improve our position,” says Mr. Reddy.

‘Mundu Chupu’, Impact, and SABAS to help SSC students pass the examination in flying colours