Autopsy conducted on two elephants

Veterinarian experts from Indira Gandhi Zoological Park and Animal Husbandry department on Sunday conducted autopsy for the two elephants in Burna forest area and decided to send samples to the State Forensic Department in Hyderabad for further investigation.

As per the preliminary report, it was observed that the two elephants had been administered poison as villagers developed vengeance against the wild animals which were causing damage to the crops and attacking civilians.

Indiara Gandhi Zoological Park veterinarian V.Srinivas, Joint Director of Animal Husbandry-Srikakulam district M.Venkateswara Rao conducted the autopsy at the spot and observed that the facilities in Visakhapatnam zoo were not sufficient for conducting the investigation in a scientific manner.

They informed Divisional Forest Officer Mohammad Thayyab that only State Forensic Department had all the facilities.

‘Cases not booked'

The DFO and other forest official agreed to it and decided to seek the report from Forensic Department by end of the month. Meanwhile, the villagers of Kumbidi-Itchapuram admitted that four persons were involved in killing the two elephants.

However, the forest officials have not yet booked cases against any person so far.