For easy money, youths cross path of law-keepers

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Rise in such incidents calls for a more vigilant role by parents, peers, and teachers, says Commissioner of Police

There is a common feature in the incidents of crime that have been reported of late, be they chain-snatching, housebreaking, or dacoity. Most of the persons who have been arrested are in the 18-30 age group. Another commonality that has been observed is that the accused have taken to crime to fund their vices.

Among the eight members of a gang who were arrested on Monday for dacoity, chain-snatching, and murder, five were below 24 years, and the kingpin Kalidasu was just 34 years old.

Commissioner of Police B. Shivadhar Reddy said that resorting to crime was the shortest and easiest route to fund their vices, and youth tend to fall for the bait.

In many chain-snatching cases, the culprits were college dropouts, who had vices or had taken the crime route to fund their lavish lifestyle.

“An engineering graduate who was involved in a couple of chain-snatching incidents admitted that he committed crime to buy a motorcycle and a costly cellphone,” the CP said.

Parents, peers, and teachers should play a more vigilant role, pointed out Mr. Shivadhar Reddy.

In a recent case detected by the Cyber Crime Department, a person was caught for creating a fake Facebook account of his estranged wife and her family members, and posting obscene messages and pictures with an intention to defame them.

Similarly, another person was caught on similar charges.

But in this case, the accused used his office system and Internet connection to create a fake Facebook account of the company in which he was working to defame the company. Both the persons were caught.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police S. Varada Raju pointed out that such offences were on the rise and it was mostly being committed by young and educated youth.

Easy accessibility to technology and communication gadgets is the reason for the growth of such offences and this problem has to be tackled at homes, schools, and colleges.

To root out this problem, there should be an attitudinal change. Parents, teachers, and peers had role to play, pointed out Mr. Shivadhar Reddy.

The Commissioner also cautioned that once arrested and sent to jail, youth tend to become hardened criminals, thanks to the influence of the other jailbirds.

There were many instances where a person who had gone to jail for a petty crime had come out as a tough criminal with a gang to support. Hence, nip them in the bud at homes, as policing purview is limited.



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