Whatever be the stand of Congress party on carving out Telangana State, 20-Points Programme Implementation Chairman N. Tulasi Reddy has said that he personally will continue to fight for a united Andhra Pradesh.

“It is not a fight between people of two areas, but between divisive and unifying forces,” said Mr. Reddy during a press conference here on Thursday. Till the Centre’s decision on the Telangana issues is revealed, he promised to continue his fight for keeping the State united and added that he had been writing to Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde expressing his view.

Asked if he will tow the party line if it decides to bifurcate the State, Mr. Tulasi Reddy refused to comment, says that was a hypothetical question.

He, however, clarified that at a personal level he supports a united Andhra Pradesh and does not wish to confuse the people.