Third stakeholders’ meeting on the revised City Development Plan held

Experienced professionals and academics have focussed on environmental aspects, utilising the natural strengths of the city and programmes that would benefit the common man at the third stakeholders meeting on the revised City Development Plan at GVMC on Wednesday. They related to ensuring good water supply, solid waste disposal, easing congestion on roads, preserving the natural course of storm water drains (geddas) and protecting water bodies.

Head of the Department of Geo Engineering of Andhra University P. Jagadeeswara Rao wanted the pollution of geddas to be prevented by providing a good sewage system. Their pollution was also affecting groundwater. He expressed concern over the deficit supply of water and its poor quality. Remote sensing and use of GIS would improve solid waste management, he said.

The only solution to the water problem faced by the city was the interlinking of the Nagavali and the Vamsadhara and get the surplus water, Prof. Rao suggested.

Prof. T. Shivaji Rao agreed with him as getting water by gravity was always the best solution. Besides cloud-seeding would bring rain, he suggested. He faulted the location of STP on the Beach Road. Retired Superintendent Engineer A.V.L. Bhujanga Rao stressed the need for harnessing water resources as the Polavaram project would take a long time to come. Also construction of a flyover at NAD Kotha Road to solve the problem of frequent bottlenecks was an urgent requirement.

Retired Chief Engineer Vidyasagar emphasised the importance of earmarking land for construction of new sub-stations and distribution of transformers.

Parking space

Former BSNL engineer D.V. Ramakrishna wanted parking space problem to be addressed and not to allow flats without parking provision.

Principal of Government Polytechnic Demudu suggested that measures to improve water supply, service roads, compost-making units sector-wise to dispose solid waste and alternative energy should get priority. Retired municipal engineer Neelakantham said measures to supply water throughout the year should be taken.

Retired lecturer Gopal Tallamraju wanted building laws to be implemented strictly to avoid congestion and a time-frame for development of a new beach at Lawson’s Bay.

Retired Civil Engineer K.V.P. Brahmananda Rao stressed the importance of rainwater harvesting and pedestrian crossovers.

Indian Institute of Architects Visakhapatnam Chapter chairman Madhava Rao wanted traffic diversion to reduce rush on the highways and P.V. Krishna urged more attention on peripheral areas.

Vivekananda said radial roads should be improved and more bypass roads provided while journalist Patti Nageswara Rao wanted pedestrian safety to be given priority and footpaths used for walking.

Dr. Venkatesh said the proposals meant for revised CDP should be put before public to suggest suitable changes in the plan.

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  • ‘Solving the problem of frequent bottlenecks is an urgent requirement’