A sack of coins created flutter at Indrakeeladri abode of goddess Kanakadurga here on Monday. The Indarkeeladri was agog that the sack contained cash and coins and some of the staff hid it aside after hundi collection. The temple officials, however, were tight lipped over the bag.

According to information, a priest of the temple found a sack containing coins near Bhavani mandapam. He brought it to the notice of temple Executive Officer M. Raghunath, who asked superintendent Satyanarayana to inquire into it and deposit the cash in hundis. As the media rushed to the spot, the officials hurriedly dumped the cash in the hundi without counting it. There were rumours that officials kept some cash aside before depositing the coins in the hundi.

The temple EO, who ordered an enquiry into the incident, said that a complaint would be lodged with the police.