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A departmental inquiry also

ordered into the incident

HYDERABAD: Allegations of a woman that her new-born baby boy was swapped for a baby girl created a flutter on Saturday but eventually turned out to be false at the Government Maternity Hospital, Nayapul.

Laxmi, hailing from Nandimusalaiguda of Bahadurpura, gave birth to a baby girl around 3.30 a.m. on Friday. An hour later, another woman, Sandhya of Maheswaram, delivered a baby boy in the same hospital. The babies were kept in the intensive care unit for 24 hours and handed over to the respective mothers on Saturday morning. Laxmi and her family members refused to accept the baby girl alleging that she was blessed with a son and the hospital staff tried to cheat them. However, the hospital staff verified the records and convinced Laxmi that it was a girl and not a boy she gave birth by showing the case sheets written on Friday. They also substantiated it by comparing the blood groups of the baby girl with that of the parents. Finally, Laxmi accepted the baby girl. The hospital superintendent told reporters that a departmental inquiry was also ordered into the incident if there was any mismanagement on the part of the hospital staff that gave scope for making such allegations.