Observing that the entire government machinery shifted its focus towards panchayat elections at the cost of hardship to flood victims, national general secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) P. Muralidhar Rao on Wednesday said that there was an immediate need for the State government to ask the machinery to work on a parallel line on the relief and rehabilitation activities in the flood-affected areas.

Mr. Rao, who reached the district to visit the flood-affected areas and submit a detailed report to the party and to the government, spoke to the media here. He said that the damage could be definitely beyond the assessments. “The BJP is going to raise the issue in Parliament session.

The government failed to respond in a proper manner to the calamity and the victims are suffering a lot,” he said.

Referring to the national politics, Mr. Rao said that the BJP was ready to face the general elections anytime.