The flood in the Penganga in Adilabad district receded on Thursday which brought people in flood affected villages scurrying to their fields. Farmers from the villages lying on the river bank launched assessment of the damage to crops which left them a woeful lot as most of them had lost standing crops entirely. The road link between Sirpur (T) continued to be severed as the Tatichettu Orre stream submerged the road bridge near Tonkini. People needed to travel in country boats at three places where the local streams obstructed the road to reach to Koutala and Bejjur mandal. The alternate route to these mandals from Kagaznagar via Penchikalpet could not be used by smaller vehicles owing to extremely bad condition of the road which stands damaged in the floods. The Nilvaivagu stream also flowed over the road between Nilvai and Vemanpally forcing people to travel by country boats.