The anxious wait of the family members of six fishermen from Paralovapeta ended on Wednesday, when the fishermen along with the mechanised boat returned safely in the ship belonged to the Indian Coast Guard. The fishermen -- Ch. Chinna Rao, 55, K. Sachu, 50, D. Satya Raju, 45, S. Sundara Rao, 46, V. Nagaraju, 25 and Satyababu, 35 -- all residents of Paralovapeta here ventured into the sea for fishing in the mechanised boat number 55 belonged to Dibbadi Satya Babu of the same area on Thursday.

Change in climate

Though they intended to catch the fish at Bhairavapalem and Kottapalem before returning home, the sudden change in the climate had changed the direction of their boat. The moment they knew that they were in wrong route late on Friday, the fuel got emptied in their boat. By Saturday evening, all the fishermen lost their hopes, as there was no scope for them to reach the shore.

All of a sudden, employees of the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), who were working on a Rig amidst the sea, located about 160 km from Kakinada coast, spotted the boat and rushed to the rescue of the fishermen.

An ordeal

The same was informed to the Coast Guard Station at Kakinada on Sunday and the officials at the station asked the ONGC people to provide food and accommodation to the fishermen till the climatic condition was conducive. The cyclone forced the fishermen to be on the Rig for four days. In the meanwhile, the Indian Coast Guard Station informed the whereabouts of the fishermen to their family members.

On Tuesday morning, a ship belonged to the Coast Guard left Vizag shore for the Rig and brought them back to the Kakinada Port on Wednesday morning. The fishermen, along with the mechanised boat, were handed over to P. Jaya Rao, Assistant Director of the Fisheries Department. The six fishermen in unison thanked the ONGC, the Coast Guard and the Fisheries Department for rescuing them.