The 45-day fishing holiday, aimed at conserving the seed, ends

With the 45-day fishing holiday officially ending on Friday midnight, thousands of fishermen along the eastern coast are all set to venture into the sea from the early hours of Saturday for their first voyage.

Irrespective of the quantum of the first catch following the fish seed conservation period during summer, every fisherman tries to test his luck by kick-starting his lifeline activity from Saturday.

Krishna District Fisheries Department Deputy Director T. Kalayam told The Hindu : “All types of boats are now allowed into the sea for fishing from Friday midnight. A few thousand families living along the stretch of the Bay of Bengal in the district are likely to experience bountiful catch in their first trip.” In all, 974 mechanised boats from Kruthivennu, Machilipatnam, Koduru, Nagayalanka, and parts of Avanigadda in the district will begin the activity.

Glad tidings

These apart, an unprecedented number of country boats owned by fishermen will also be part of the fishing activity within the commercial water limits of India and not going too far in distance from the coast.

Since weathermen have predicted early onset of monsoon (by early June), fishermen are hoping to experience a good catch.

Last June, the fishermen could bring back a very small amount of catch due to unfavourable weather conditions, including delay in the onset of monsoon.

With their professional life set to begin after a 45-day break, fishermen villages are wearing a festive look and the celebrations will continue for a week.