Fish prices, which nosedived a month ago in the city, have gone up following increase in demand. As many non-vegetarian lovers take a vow to consume only vegetarian stuff during the month of Kartika, the prices were low till Monday.

Even the price of chicken (dressed) per kg fell to Rs.120 to Rs.140. As soon as the month ended, chicken is being sold at Rs.160 to Rs.170.

There is no change in the price of mutton during the month as the traders revised the price during Dasara.

It was available for Rs.440 till Dasara after which it was increased to Rs.480 per kg.

The most sought after Konam fish variety price has been revised from Rs.550-Rs.580 to Rs.650 per kg. Vanjaram, which used to be available during Karthika month for Rs.300-Rs. 400 has gone up to Rs.350-Rs.500 depending on its size and quality. The price of prawn (big) has been increased from Rs.300 to Rs.350-Rs.400. Small prawn price went up from Rs.250 to Rs.280-Rs.300.

There is no supply of pomfret to the retail market during the current season. The price of miscellaneous fish like ‘netalu’ has remained the same even after increase in demand for fish. “The price of ‘netalu’ and other small fish has remained unchanged as they are available in plenty round-the-year,” said Suramma, who sells fish at MVP.

Fish is consumed regularly by Bengalis, Oriyas and others for its Omega 3 fatty acids, taste and affordability. “The pricing is linked to demand supply gap. Even though the supply position has improved, fishermen at MVP, Seetammadhara, Old Jail Road and other popular markets have increased the price as soon as Kartika month ended,” said Amitabh Roy, who works in an advertisement agency.