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Fire Service personnel make a demonstration of their preparednessKalachakra Special Officer says there is potential danger and pilgrims are being persuaded to cook outside their tents 'Mist' fire-fighter, with 50 times better capability, purchased

AMARAVATHI: The Department of Fire on Tuesday organised a demonstration of fire-fighting equipment and preparedness of their personnel to face any eventuality.

Guntur Joint Collector Rahul Bojja witnessed the demonstration commanded by District Fire Officer N Mohan Rao. While the administration was trying to dissuade the pilgrims from cooking inside their tents, a look into majority of tents showed they had put up gas cylinders and large burners for mass cooking.

"There is a potential danger to the tents and we have been making our best efforts to make them cook outside or at the places designated between the tents," said Kalachakra Special Officer Ch. Vijay Mohan.

'Mist' fire-fighter

The DFO said that they had purchased a 'Mist' fire fighter that had 50 times better capability to put out the fire compared to a traditional fire engine. Totally three such machines were being deployed, which generate a mist of water that had larger surface area to cool the burning object, Mr. Mohan said.


The Fire Department had also procured some motorcycle-mounted Mist Sprayers to enter the narrow lanes of tents so that fire could be effectively brought under control.

Meanwhile, the occupation rate of the tents was about 40 per cent till Tuesday evening, said Kalachakra Special Officer, Ch. Vijaya Mohan. While 35,000 pilgrims had arrived so far, about 140 foreigners had registered their names at the special counter set up by the authorities. Many more foreigners were said to have arrived, but had not registered themselves so far.