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District administration faces Herculean task of cleaning up the village

About 350 sanitation staff under the supervision of 50 officers lifted 3,600 tonnes of garbage

Medical camps set up at Medaram, Kannepalli, Narlapur, Urattam, Kothur and Pagidapur

WARANGAL: The Medaram village that bustled with activity is now deserted. Filth, used cans, bottles and plastic bags are seen littered everywhere. It now stinks and life here is in peril, both for people and animals.

Already, it has been reported that three buffaloes died after consuming plastic bags and squalor left by the millions who thronged the forest for the famous Sammakka Sarakka jatara. “Removing the garbage and cleaning the surroundings is equally challenging to the district administration,” said District Public Relations Officer, K Venkataramana.

According to him, district administration has launched massive post-jatara operations in and around Medaram village even before the jatara concluded. The 350 sanitation staff under the supervision of 50 officers so far lifted 3,600 tonnes garbage by January 30.

Work to continue

The operations would continue till February 10.

The Animal Husbandry Department had set up five special camps and a mobile team of veterinary doctors who were going from door-to-door urging the tribal farmers not to send their animals out for grazing for one week.Meanwhile, the District Medical & Health department is also organising special medical camps at Medaram, Kannepalli, Narlapur, Urattam, Kothur, Pagidapur, Reddygudem and other villages.


There is a possibility of an outbreak of gastro-enteritis and diarrhoea.

The doctors will undertaking vaccination in all the villages located around the Medaram.

“Of the 1,000 sanitation workers, 500 are still engaged for the post-jatara operations. They will collect the garbage and set afire.

They will dig the earth and bury the degradable material and ensure proper closure of pits dug up for the temporary lavatories,” Mr Venkataramana said.