Punni ki Kahaniyan'', an animated film produced by Aide et Action International (AEAI) South Asia, to promote cultural harmony among children will be screened at Ravindra Bharati on Oct.26, 10 a.m.

The film aimed at the age group of 8-18 years depicts various issues touching children's lives such as bullying/ragging, class and culture divide, religious distinctions and individuality versus herd mentality.

Animated character

Punni' is an animated character functioning both as narrator and observer. It is the first of its series made with children from various States reflecting the rich diversity, a valuable resource to overcome sectarian thoughts and ideology.

AEAI SA promotes inclusive education and education for global citizenship with its Animation for Change (AfC) project to bring greater harmony and peace for children. Its volunteers, along with school teachers will carry out audience research analysis during and after the film screening in the form of discussions to help determine factors that change and shape children's behaviour and attitude.

Good response

The film has received good response in Bihar, M.P., Rajasthan, Gujarat and Delhi. Several agencies like Save the Children, PLAN India, ActionAid, World Vision, UNICEF, the Department of Education and corporate groups such as HSBC had participated in the screenings.

To encourage more participation and dialogue on this issue an amateur video story- telling and painting contest for children who can capture the voices of ordinary people in their neighbourhoods on cultural diversity through their work is also being organised.

The stories range from good practices of institutions to inter religious cultural harmony. Participants can check The Hindu's Young World for results.

Media partner

The Hindu is the official print media partner in A.P and “Iridium Interactive”, is the social media partner to promote discussions on social networks in the links given below: http://www.facebook.com/