Producer Kalyan denies doing business with Bhanu but says he knew him

Struggling for clues to track Bhanu Kiran, wanted in the murder of Gangula Suryanarayana Reddy alias Suri, investigators focussed on his links with the film industry and questioned film producer C. Kalyan on Thursday.

While Kalyan denied having entered into any business transaction with Bhanu, the Central Crime Station sleuths decided to question another film producer, Singanamala Ramesh, in the case. Sources said they were not buying the version of Kalyan but don't have any clinching evidence to prove monetary transactions between him and Bhanu.

Film financing

“We have information that Bhanu financed some films, including two recently released Telugu movies, which fell flat at the box office. We're verifying if the motive to kill Suri has anything to do with Bhanu's investments in the film industry,” a police officer said. Police sources maintained that Bhanu had earned crores of rupees through settlements of real estate and monetary disputes. In the film industry, producers sometimes seek loans even at high rate of interest for completion of the movies. Realising this potential of high returns, Bhanu financed a couple of films. “Till Bhanu is caught, we cannot say if Suri was aware of these investments in films,” the police said.

Hiding in UP?

Investigators said Kalyan had denied having transacted business with Bhanu but maintained the matter was still under probe. “I knew Bhanu for quite some time. It is true that Bhanu helped us as coordinator while making ‘Raktha Charitra' in identifying shooting spots,” Mr. Kalyan told reporters later.

Meanwhile, special teams have left for Uttar Pradesh on a tip-off that Bhanu could be hiding there with his trusted aide Manmohan Singh hailing from the same State. Singh is the only person outside Suri's gang whom Bhanu recruited, nurtured and trusted.

More than Bangalore, Hyderabad and other places, Bhanu would have felt UP would be a safe haven to escape from the police.

  • Police checking if motive to kill Suri has anything to do with Bhanu's investments in films
  • Special teams leave for UP on a tip-off that Bhanu could be hiding there