A public meeting organised jointly by the Muslim United Front and United Muslim Action Committee strongly condemned the anti-Islam film against the Prophet of Islam.

The meeting held at Majlis headquarters at Darussalam grounds was attended by religious scholars of all sects and schools of thought and representatives of various Muslim organisations and political parties.

The meeting demanded that the UN take a serious note of the blasphemous film that outrages the religious sentiments of Muslims across the globe. It wanted the UN to formulate global covenants prohibiting anyone from defaming any religion and Prophet in the name of the freedom of expression.

In a resolution, the meeting sought stern punishment for anyone committing blasphemy. It urged the Muslim countries and secular democracies like India to exert pressure on the United Nations to come up with a law against blasphemy.

The speakers expressed deep sense of hurt and anger of Muslim community and urged the government of India to convey the feelings to the US government.

The meeting further demanded the government to remove the trailer of the anti-Islam film on youtube, Google and other social media .

The meeting was addressed by Majlis MP, Asaduddin Owaisi, Lal Jan Basha (TDP), Mohd Ali Shabbir (Congress), Mahmood Ali (TRS), Abdul Rehman (YSR Congress) and Moulana Jamal ur Rahman. Abdul Raheem Qureshi of Majlis United Front presided.