It will force public to think about the disease seriously, believes the director

A docudrama, ‘1 a minute', portraying the trials, tribulations, fears, anxiety and the triumph of human spirit over breast cancer, was premiered at Prasads Imax on Sunday. The film follows the path of internationally known actors and narrates their successful fight against breast cancer. Each star recounting a poignant story of their survival!

The 90-minute docudrama, according to Namrata Singh Gujral, writer, director and producer of the film and a cancer survivor herself, will force public to start thinking seriously about breast cancer. “Worldwide, one women dies of cancer every minute and that's why the title. Hopefully this will make women to sit up and discover something from the experiences shared by extraordinary women in this film,” she said during the premier.

The movie features an impressive list of top actors from Hollywood and Bollywood. It has copious amounts of personal stories of fight and survival from actors like Olivia Newton from John of Grease, Jaclyn Smith of Charlie's Angels fame, Lisa Ray, Barbara Mori, Mumtaz, accounts of Priya Dutt on her mother Nargis, personal stories of Alec and Danny Baldwin on their mother's struggle to survive cancer.

The personal stories of actors are interspersed with the narration of a woman's journey through breast cancer and comments on the medical aspect of cancer from researchers and doctors. The movie also tracks various stages of breast cancer right from detection to the pains of chemotherapy and side effects.

“This is a message for cancer stricken women to live in the moment and fight it out because there can be light at the end of the tunnel,” she said.

  • The movie features an impressive list of actors from Hollywood and Bollywood
  • Personal stories are interspersed with the narration of one's fight through breast cancer