R. Jagadeeswara Rao

Vizag Film Society organises interactive session with the actor and writer

VISAKHAPATNAM: Wit and wisdom with a fair sprinkling of enjoyable banter and lively repartee marked the one hundred minute interactive session of noted film actor and writer Tanikella Bharani with the invited elite audience, organised by the Vizag Film Society at the Academic Staff College here on Wednesday.

Mr. Tanikella Bharani, who had acted in more than 550 films in a career spread over 25 years, is a poet, character actor, comedian, villain, short film producer and director of documentaries, all rolled into one. Answering a plethora of questions on literature, films, both art and commercial and film production, he compared the condition of small producers in the film industry with the cotton farmers who had been committing suicide. Producers, who invest crores, would expect crores as returns and would not bother about values. ‘Dammu unna sommuleni paristhithi kondaridi' (Some have guts but have no money), Mr. Bharani, who was one of the producers of the only National Award winning Telugu film ‘Grahanam' said.

A good film is one which shows human being as human being. But like gold which is a rare metal, good films are also rare, the actor observed, asserting that if it all he decided to produce a film it would only after he was convinced that it would bag an Oscar. We need a ‘Sachin Tendulkar' in film industry, he said. In the past, director and producers have no idea of how to produce a bad film that was the reason why they produced only good films, he said. ‘People are happy if we produce a picture with some fights and titillating songs and dialogues, why should we bother about producing films with artistic values,' this was the feeling of present day producers and directors, he said. “In the film industry, as is the case in other fields, only the best can survive in the present day competition,” Mr. Bharani said. “Leader, produced by Sekhar Kammula, had bisected the world of politicians and one should see it,” he said.

President of VFS, Ramachandrudu, gave the background of Bharani and how he entered film industry. Noted film comedian ‘Kallu' Chidambaram said that 90 per cent of people in the industry were hypocrites and Tanikella Bharani belonged to the remaining 10 per cent. Secretary of VFS Narava Prakasa Rao and joint secretary Ramana proposed a vote of thanks.