The traditional fight (fisticuffs) between two groups in the village in Hunsa lying on Maharashtra border in Bodhan, held the day after Holi every year, passed off without any untoward incident on Thursday.

Police made security arrangements for the occasion. Villagers divided themselves into two groups and participated in the custom which was being observed from time immemorial in the village. Standing on either side of a rope, the villagers, mainly men, rained blows on each other. The participants don’t care if sustained bleeding injuries. They would apply soil on the injury and take on the opposite group. “The tradition is considered an auspicious one for the village. The participants do not nurse any grudge against the rival group even if they receive bleeding injuries,” says Balaramaraju, a scribe of a Telugu daily.

A number of people, particularly youth, take part in the fisticuffs while a large number of residents, including women, look on.