Students of S.V. Ayurvedic College indulge in physical assault

The frequent friction between the two warring groups of students at Sri Venkateswara Ayurvedic College in the city took an ugly turn on Friday night, when they freely indulged in physical assault. However, the issue assumed a new dimension when the groups complained against each other of indulging in ragging.

After the fresher’s day observed a couple of days ago, the old rivalry reared its head and the two groups started heaping abuses against each other which led to physical blows. The three students who were admitted to SVIMS hospital for injuries went to the extent of complaining to the police, but the academic fraternity was not ready to buy the ‘ragging’ version, as those involved in the act belonged to BAMS second and third year students. As the principal was on leave, in-charge Principal K.L. Reddy received the complaints from both the parties and assured them of action by Monday.

Meanwhile, AISF blamed the college administrators of negligence for the last two years that furthered the frictions. Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee (APCLC) also condemned the incident and demanded action against the students involved in the attack. “Our fact-finding team found the physical assault a case of ragging and not group rivalry, as the management and police are seeking to project it,” said K. Kranti Chaitanya, State leader of APCLC.

  • AISF faults college administrators; APCLC seeks action against students involved in the attack

  • Academic fraternity rejects ragging version; APCLC says it's ragging case, not group rivalry