State has been sitting on a powder keg ever since the Bhagyalakshmi temple row

Thursday’s serial bomb blasts have only added to the simmering tensions prevailing in the city.

The common man is worried as today is Friday, while the police are keeping their fingers crossed.

The State capital is sitting on a powder keg ever since trouble erupted over the Bhagyalakshmi temple issue.

The aggressive postures adopted by the Majlis and the BJP saw skirmishes occurring on subsequent Fridays.

It was only recently that the police could heave a sigh of relief as the tensions had markedly scaled down and the Friday prayers too had passed off without any slogan shouting and any untoward incident.

Hate speech case

But, the tempers mounted several notches in the city again in the wake of the Majlis parting ways with the Congress Government and the subsequent arrest of its legislator, Akbaruddin Owaisi, in the alleged hate speech case.

With Thursday’s blast, fear has come to stalk the city afresh. Though the police are yet to find a lead into the serial blasts which had claimed 13 lives, people in the old city are afraid that it would result in another round of harassment and targeting of innocent minority youth.

Meanwhile, Majlis president Asaduddin Owaisi has urged the people to maintain peace. “The best homage you can pay to the martyrs is to exercise restraint and observe peace,” he said.

Mr. Owaisi extended all cooperation to the Chief Minister in ensuring peace in the city “despite our differences with the Government.” This was not the time to be bogged down with such things, he said.

Attack on nation: Asad

The Majlis leader termed the blasts as an act of terror and “attack on the nation.” He wanted the government to shift the injured persons admitted in government hospitals, where the facilities are lacking, to corporate hospitals.

Mr. Owaisi asked probe agencies to do a professional job in probing the case. He hoped Friday would pass off peacefully.

People in the old city are afraid that probes into the incident would result in another round of harassment and targeting of innocents