Police not sure if it is a case of suicide

An alleged gambler, K.M. Srinivasa Rao, who reportedly lost huge sums of money in a game of cards, died after falling from the third floor of a building in Country Club at Begumpet on Tuesday.

While it was believed that Rao (45), a resident of Rasoolpura, jumped to death after losing nearly Rs.three lakh playing cards at the club, the Punjagutta police maintained that the reasons behind the death were yet to be ascertained. “We're not yet sure if he committed suicide. He started playing cards in the club from morning,” Punjagutta Inspector Ashoka Chakravarthi said.

Rao fell upside down and landed on his head on the cemented floor. With his head taking the entire impact, death was instant. No suicide note was found. Police said Rao had a temporary membership card of Country Club and that he was also a member of a few other clubs, including Chiraan Fort in the city.

“He was a regular at Country Club and used to go to other clubs too for playing cards. He was in Country Club from 11 a.m. on Tuesday and waged bets with amounts of Rs.10,000,” police said. The club allows playing of cards on two of its floors in a five-storeyed building. There are separate dining halls on each floor and Rao was said to have had lunch on the third floor dining hall.

Police do not as yet know how much money he lost. They plan to check his mobile calls to determine whether it was a suicidal jump, and if so, the reasons for taking the extreme step.

Police say that Country Club is licensed to allow the game of cards and had obtained a favourable court order in that regard.

A case of suspicious death under section 174 of Criminal Procedure Code was registered.

  • K.M. Srinivasa Rao had a temporary membership card of Country Club
  • He started playing cards in the club from morning, say police