It takes more than just a good-looking body. You have got to have the heart and soul to go with it. Garbage in and garbage out it looks a tad difficult.

If research studies are anything to go by, tobacco consumption reduces your life span by 10 years, fast food and soft drinks cuts it short by 13 years.

But who cares when the appetising aroma of chicken 65 and pizza is thick in the air.

Willy-nilly, a large number of persons are falling hook, line and sinker to the fast food culture unmindful of its deleterious effect on health.

A book on this subject by Abid Moiz in Urdu gives us a detailed account of the fast food and soft drinks and their ingredients.

It also outlines the steps to be taken to avoid the pitfalls. While Urdu literature has lot of books on fiction and poetry, there aren’t many on health. Dr. Moiz ably fills this gap with his new book, the sixth in the health series.

Dr. Moiz can be reached on 950-20-44-291.