Age is no bar for taking admission to these courses

A franchisee of the 24-year-old JD Institute of Fashion Technology is being set up here and admissions to diploma and degree courses in fashion, interior and jewellery design are scheduled to begin in June.

Addressing the media here on Wednesday Dalal of the JDIFT, said that there is a change in the attitude of the parents and more children are being allowed to choose a career in fashion design.

The JDIFT is affiliated to Kuvempu University, Karnataka, and the degree and diplomas are awarded by the university, he added. The institute has branches in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kochi, Guwahati, Lucknow, Noida and now in the city. It offers BSc fashion and apparel design and BSc interior design, and diploma courses in interior design, fashion technology, jewellery design, fashion business management, visual merchandising and fashion photography. The admissions to the city chapter would begin in June. It would have faculty from the institutes other branches apart from some local persons, he said. Those who have passed +2 are eligible and there is no age bar for taking admission to these courses.

The courses cost approximately Rs. 30,000 per semester.

The institute is planning to admit 75 students in degree courses and 25 students in diploma courses, directors of Visakhapatnam chapter Uday and Pratap said. An up and coming model from the city Shreya Kumar was also present.

  • ‘Career in fashion has become widely acceptable’

  • The institute is planning to admit 75 students in degree courses