Staff Reporter

ANANTAPUR: Scientists at a workshop on horticulture advised the farmers to use organic fertilizer for a good yield and good price to their produce in the market. They also prescribed good management practices for improving the quality of the produce.

Chief scientist Gopal of Sweetlime Research Institute at Tirupati, Sudhakar Rao of Indian Institute of Horticulture Research at Bangalore, local scientist Laxmi Reddy, Assistant Directors of Horticulture Y. Vidya Shankar and Harinatha Reddy participated in the one-day workshop held here on Wednesday.

The scientists conducted experimental sessions for farmers in grading, washing, waxing and packing of different fruits. They gave tips on farming techniques and told the farmers not to rely upon chemical fertilizers to get better yield. Chairman of the Agriculture Market Committee Nagabhushan Reddy also attended.