• Cancellation of tenders called for pipeline urged
  • Meeting again on October 27 to chalk out action plan

    VIZIANAGARAM: Farmers under Thatipudi reservoir project have threatened to launch an agitation if tenders called for laying the second pipeline at a cost of Rs.59.68 crores for Visakhapatnam city from the reservoir are not cancelled immediately. The ayacutdars passed a resolution in this regard at a meeting at Gopalapalli in S. Kota mandal on Thursday.

    Congress MLA from S. Kota K. Ravi Babu, ZPTC member Allu Jogi Naidu, chairmen and directors of 10 water users' associations, mandal parishad vice-president I. Raghu Raju and several farmers attended the meeting.

    They asked the government to declare Thatipudi an irrigation project.

    MLA's assurance

    The Congress MLA, while assuring farmers of justice, asked the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation to spend the amount received from industries that the are supplied water from Thatipudi for the welfare of farmers in S. Kota region.

    The ayacutdars will meet again on October 27 to chalk-out their action plan.