Members of AP Rythu Sangham staged a demonstration and burnt the ‘effigy' of the State government protesting the hike in cotton seed at the Enumamula agricultural market here on Friday.

Sangham leaders S. Vasudeva Reddy, M. Srikanth and others accused the State government of failing to procure enough stocks of cotton seed for the farmers in the State. They wanted the government to withdraw Rs. 180 per packet of cotton seed.

“It may look small amount but farmers will have to bear a burden of Rs. 12 crore additionally on account of enhanced price. This move will only benefit the profit making private companies and not the farmers who are in distress due to sudden rainfall,” they said. The Sangham leaders said that cotton is grown in an extent of 45 lakh acres in the State and companies will earn Rs. 175 crore additionally this season with enhanced price of cotton seed.

The paddy farmers suffered great loss as they failed to get the minimum support price. Now this enhanced price of cotton seed will further burden them, they argued.