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Mallikarjun owes lakhs of rupees to the ryots

  • 15 farmers bundle the trader into a vehicle forcefully
  • Mallikarjun owes lakhs of rupees to the farmers

    HYDERABAD: Farmers from Panyam of Kurnool district have allegedly abducted a millet trader Mallikarjun, 32, who reportedly duped them of lakhs of rupees, from his house at Vanasthalipuram on Friday night to recover their money.

    When police called up the trader on his mobile phone, the abductors told them that they would take him to local MLA for settlement of the issue and then let him off. "There is no threat to his life," they reportedly told the police.

    Some 15 farmers forced their way into the trader's house in the night and bundled him into their vehicle. None dared to protest as the farmers were extremely aggressive. Police went to the house in the early hours of Saturday, after learning about the incident. Mallikarjun's parents and wife said they recognised one of the kidnappers as Shankar from Panyam. Police contacted Panyam legislator K. Rambhoopal Reddy but the latter denied having ever known a trader by the name of Shankar.


    Mallikarjun, hailing from Panyam used to procure millets from the farmers. Three years ago, he disappeared from the town despite owing lakhs of rupees to the farmers, the police said. He had lived in Kakinda, Vijayawada and Srisailam before shifting to the present house recently. A special police team was sent to Panyam on Saturday to secure the trader's release.