Articles 15 (4&5) and articles16 (4) of the Constitution of India permit reservation for the socially and economically backward classes but the Constitution of India does not contemplate any reservations on the basis of religion or caste. Hence it is not understood why so much time, energy and money is being wasted on debates when the Constitution is crystal clear on this subject. Let the minorities not be taken for a ride with false assurances.

Dr. R. V. Reddy,


Separate identity

In case of separate statehood for Telangana leading to a separate identity to Hyderabad, the entire Ranga Reddy district must be treated as Hyderabad, that is inclusive of Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Cyberabad and Ranga Reddy. Otherwise Ranga Reddy district has to be spilt into Ranga Reddy district (East) and Ranga Reddy district (west) limits excluding the GHMC limits.

C.V.K. Mohan Varma,


Dangerous road

Metal road margins on national highway from Dilshuknagar to LB Nagar is two to three inches below the black top road and this is very dangerous. Further the road margins are full of bumps and the matter was represented to the municipal authorities several times on keeping the road margins (beading) at the same level of the black top road but nothing happened.

N. Venateshwaralu,


Prefixes to schemes

When the NDA was in power, it launched the Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan. In Andhra Pradesh, an adjective is prefixed to it and it is called Rajiv Gandhi Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan. No other State in the country is prefixing the existing schemes in the name of Rajiv Gandhi or Indira Gandhi as the Government of Andhra Pradesh is doing. Sad comment on the ruling Congress party.

S. Krishnaveni,