An extra care by Congress to avert defections to YSRCP costs it Karada PAC in Bobbili mandal. The Congress won seven directors’ and the YSRCP five in the election held on Monday. Sensing that two directors might cross over to YSRCP, the Congress confined them in a secluded place with an intention to present them just at the time of voting. The winning directors, who after signing register before the election official, went out to bring the duo but failed to return along with the two directors before the close of nomination at 11am. As a result, the YSRCP candidate was declared elected as PACS president. The YSRCP bagged one more PACS and its total number of seats won is 18.

At Komarada, the election PACS president would be held on Wednesday as the YSRCP and the TDP failed to come to an understanding and they abstained from voting on Tuesday. Both the parties won six posts each and the Congress one.