Sadguru Datta Kripalayam feeds about 1,200 people a day

Sadguru Datta Kripalayam, an NGO that shuns publicity, has been feeding 1,200 people a day spending an amount of Rs. 17,000.

With about 120 committed members in the organisation founded by a retired clerk K. Chandrasekhar Reddy, there is nothing that can stop the NGO from helping the needy.

A volunteer distributes free meal coupons everyday in a hospital of around 1,200 patients and the meal is served at noon on the hospital premises.

Besides, the organisation has taken upon itself the task of disposing of the bodies. It has deployed six vehicles, named Vaikunratham, to carry the bodies to burial ground.

Anyone can use the facility which is free of cost. That apart, eight freezer boxes have been kept at the disposal of the needy.

Srinivasulu, secretary of the organisation, said that they would rush the freezer box on receiving call from any corner of the city and also send the vehicle to transport the dead.

The NGO has also built a burial place at Jammichettu at a cost of Rs. 2 crore with the funds donated by people and the government.

They supply firewood and other condiments used during the last rites without charging money.

Mr. Srinivasulu told The Hindu that it has been the standard policy of the organisation to not raise funds, but accept donations if insisted by the family members of the dead for burial.