Do you know that Neptune would be completing its first full orbit around the Sun this year since it was discovered in the year 1846? Or do you know why Uranus is bluish-green in colour?

If you want to learn more about planets including the possibilities of life on them, then B.M. Birla Science Centre's has packed all these information in its new sky show “An incredible voyage to the planets”, which was launched last week by US Consul General Katherine Dhanani.

Birla Science Centre authorities are planning to organise regular shows very shortly for general public. “It is fascinating to learn more about planets in our solar system. This show not only appeals in a scientific sense but also in a spiritual way. I hope students will enjoy the show,” said Mrs. Dhanani.

45-minute show

It would be a 45-minute show and authorities are working at conducting nine shows, including in Telugu, Hindi and English languages everyday.

Entry ticket would be priced at Rs. 30 per head and discount would be offered for student groups, said B.G. Sidharth, Director of B.M. Birla Science Centre.

The objective behind organising the show was to ignite scientific temper, particularly about astronomy among students and youngsters.

This show will be a voyage to different planets and will provide all the information, including their structure, size, contents, etc. about the planets, he said.

  • ‘An incredible voyage to the planets' has all the information about planets
  • Centre plans to start nine shows daily in three languages soon