Jaan-e-mann (Hindi)Cast: Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Preity Zinta

Director: Shirish Kunder

Bollywood just slips to newer depths of shallowness. This multi-starrer, by Shirish Kunder, with Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar vying for Preity Zinta's attention is hackneyed in its storyline. Pray, how many films have we seen where A loves B but B loves C? Many more than there are English alphabets. This one is no different. If one is inclined to be charitable, then maybe, he was inclined to experiment a wee bit within the commercial cinema format. So, he forgot the story, forgot the dialogues, just concentrated on zany sequences. The idea was to make us laugh, gape and wonder.

But frankly, characters emerging out of the walls, qawwals in a moment of despair, and a dream in black-and-white are just a shade too much.

Sad, but this attempt goes awry not only with experimentation but also in its stereotypes.

On the one side, there is that bawdy mixture of cinema and street theatre, on the other, he panders to stars and their egos. So, he adopts a rotation policy. One close-up of Salman followed by one of Akshay.

Two shots of heroes, one of the heroine! Forget "Jaan-e-mann". Life has other joys to offer elsewhere.