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Merugu Sharada decries exploitation by Maoist leaders

‘Those who question attitude of leaders are tortured’

‘Leaders enjoying luxury with wealth looted from public’

WARANGAL: Those who spread the Maoist ideology exploit the innocent youth and come out with the booty to lead luxurious lives while the youth who surrender are left in lurch, rued Merugu Sharada who has earlier worked for Maoist party.

At a function organised by the district police to offer medical aid to the ailing parents of underground naxals, Sharada related how trying was life in forest and how they wandered aimlessly while being exploited by Maoist leaders. “I was suffering from ulcer and was unable to walk. Unmindful of my suffering, I was forced to carry huge water cans while the able-bodied leaders rested on hillocks to protect themselves from ambush by police,” she said explaining the life underground.

Those who questioned the attitude of leaders were branded as police informers and tortured to no end. But, all those leaders successfully amassed wealth looted from public and finally gave up and lived in air-conditioned rooms now. “I am on the road. I do not have a piece of land to live. I earnestly pray to Superintendent of Police to sanction me a house to my family,” Sharada burst out wailing.

Sharada’s story is heart rending. She said she was forced to join the Maoists when she approached them to help her avoid marriage at an early age. The naxals, who promised to convince her parents, far from keeping their word, threatened her that the police would kill her if she left the party.

Help comes from SI

Sharada explained how she was helped by the Sub-Inspector working at Venkatapur mandal to come out the party to join the mainstream. The police officer also ensured her a bank to make a decent living by setting up a bangle store at Incherla village.

Aged and ailing parents of over 100 youth, who are now underground working for various revolutionary parties, gathered at the District Police Office for medical aid and other assistance promised by Superintendent of Police Soumya Mishra. “All these persons are in their twilight years. They badly need help from someone. As their children have deserted them, we the police have decided to do our bit as part of community services,” the SP told The Hindu.

A mother’s appeal

Eighty-year-old J. Yashodamma, mother of top Maoist naxal leader Jinugu Narasimha Reddy alias Jampanna, made a fervent appeal before the media to her son to come back home as she had become a destitute. “You have been in the party for 25 years now. It is enough. Please come home and look after me,” she begged.