Morthad former MPP president Gurram Narsaiah (45), alias Bombay Narsaiah, was battered to death by his relatives at their home in Armoor town late night on Monday. The deceased is survived by his wife and two children.

According to information given by Deputy SP A. Ram Reddy, Narsaiah used to harass his own sister-in-law Amrutha, a widow, for money and threaten her saying that she had an affair with another person, besides him. Narsaiah had taken the insurance money which Amrutha had got after her husband died in an accident and also her gold which he invested it in real estate business. After he incurred loss in the business he started to demand more money from her.

Unable to bear the harassment, Amrutha, along with her mother Mallubhai, hit Narsaiah with steel rods, killing him on the spot. Both the accused have been taken in police custody and Mallubhai has confessed to the crime, said the Deputy SP.