Communist Party of India (Marxist) Polit Bureau member Sitaram Yechury has asserted that any disruption to the existing linguistic model of States is likely to have a bearing on unity among people.

“There are 28 demands and these would not have cropped up had the assurances given to the people been implemented,” he said.

The Telangana demand, for instance, persisted because assurances given in Article 371 (d) of the Constitution and studies conducted by several commissions were not implemented. The ruling classes, according to him, would not tackle the situation till the movements precipitate into a major crisis. Mr. Yechury was here in connection with a seminar on “AP: Prospect and Retrospect” organised as part of the P. Sundarayya centenary celebrations here on Saturday.

Elaborating on the contributions made by the legendary Communist leader, he stressed the need to mobilise the working classes in the struggle for justice and economic empowerment irrespective of their social dispensation. Social media can also be utilised in this direction, he said. Noted agriculture economist Prof. Utsa Patnaik expressed concern over the “attack on peasantry” by the corporates, resulting in loss of assets to farmers. She suggested the formation of production cooperatives involving farmers that could ensure economies of scale for small tillers too. These cooperatives can help small and marginal tillers to withstand the onslaught of transnational companies on their livelihood and make farming viable for them. “Such a model implemented in Kerala has been a success there,” she said.

Need to mobilise the working classes in the struggle for justice : Yechury