HYDERABAD: It was a typical house in lower middle-class locality of Asadbabanagar of Kishanbagh in old city. Ridwan Gazi, an absconding Bangladeshi suspect holding clues to the twin blasts, rented a single room in one such house belonging to a private firm employee for a rent of Rs. 1,000 a month.

The 20-year-old youth used to speak Urdu fluently. “Because of his stay for six years in Hyderabad, he was even able to understand and speak Telugu though with some difficulty,” investigators quoted neighbours as saying. What was baffling about the youth is his financial position. He was not working anywhere and pursuing a diploma course. Yet, Gazi was spending nearly Rs. 8,000 a month .

Where did he get the money from? Police reportedly stumbled on evidence suggesting that Gazi’s father used to come to visit his son in Hyderabad.

If he was rich enough to travel to India using valid documents, the police wonder why he allowed his son to live in Hyderabad as an illegal immigrant.