Every living being on the Earth has a right to life, said the Krishna University Academic Co-ordinator Y. K. Sundara Krishna on Saturday.Speaking at an awareness program on the topic “Save the Environment” at the Hindu College auditorium he said that citing the excuse of development we were destroying the habitat of many living things. The University N.S.S. co-ordinator C.M. Vinay Kumar spoke on this occasion and said that we humans were causing a lot of loss to the environment.

The changes in society and culture have a great affect on the present youth, he said. The N.S.S. volunteers act like a bridge between the society and development, he added. We should not think on individual terms but come together and work towards an environment friendly society, said Mr. Vinay Kumar.

Krishna University N.S.S. Program Officer P.V. Brahmachari emphasised the importance of extending the forest lines in areas of Machilipatnam. Otherwise we will have to face a lot of problems in the future, he said.People can start acting right from their homes by planting Tulasi plants in the backyards said the University Unit Officer M. Koteswara Rao. Eating a few of these leaves daily would even benefit one’s health because they purify the blood system, he said. Prakruti Mitra Project Officer K. Sarath announced that awareness in the form of cultural programmes will be conducted all over the State. Various cultural performances were also conducted by the students at this awareness programme.